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Custom Reports

Custom-Made Reports To Make Great Decisions



Advanced Tracking & In Depth Monitoring

Track and precisely monitor user behavior with our state-of-the-art technology. Gain crucial insights that are paramount to your business's success.


Realtime Analytics, User Journey & A/B Testing

The integration of analytics, user journey analysis, and A/B testing can considerably improve business performance in real-time.


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Designed for teams of all sorts     and sizes       

Employ rich user journeys to attain comprehensive insights into ad campaign performance and user conversion.

Experience streamlined A/B testing powered with real-time user insights that enables rapid design iteration.

Research teams can harness comprehensive metrics to create customised reports, bolstering their decision-making capabilities on a large scale.

Engineers utilise real-time user tracking and daily reports to gain minute-by-minute insights into potential downtimes or reductions in performance.

A New & Easy Way To Track All User Analytics

Integrated      with all tools you already     know and love.

Expand your data with integrations to popular platforms. This will redefine how your team collaborates, consumes insights, and visualizes data - all in one place!

Make Decisions

Discuss, Decide Reports,And Make Great Decisions


Weekly and monthly reports

Discover the benefits of weekly and monthly reports for your business: effectively track progress, measure successes, and identify areas for continuous improvement.


Advance Tracking In Depth Monitoring

Explore and discover the plentiful benefits of advanced tracking and comprehensive monitoring. Maximize your overall performance and remain ahead of the game!


Real Time Analytics With User Journey

Learn how user journey data can be analyzed in real-time to improve user experience and boost business growth. Maximize your insights!


Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of metrics does TrackCollect provide?

TrackCollect offers customisable reports, in-depth tracking, real-time metrics, and A/B testing to help you make informed decisions and achieve better outcomes.

What kind of in-depth tracking is offered by TrackCollect?

TrackCollect presents a suite of analytic tools that help you streamline your website. Access user tracking, page analysis, and conversion rate optimization to boost performance.

Does TrackCollect offer A/B testing?

Without a doubt! You can utilize TrackCollect's A/B testing capabilities to optimize your website for peak performance and results.

Does TrackCollect provide customisable reports?

Certainly! TrackCollect offers the flexibility of customisable reports that can be easily tailored to meet your unique needs and requirements, ensuring maximum satisfaction.